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The 5 chief technical service functions of SPEC: 
1.Green Building Design & Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), provides a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction. It is regarded as the most influential and comprehensive environmental protection, green building and sustainability rating systems. This system addresses five major areas:
Sustainable sites
Water efficiency
Energy and atmosphere
Materials and resources
Indoor environmental quality

Different versions of the rating system are available for specific project types: LEED for New Construction:, LEED for Existing Buildings, LEED for Commercial Interiors, LEED for Core and Shell, LEED for Homes.

With the rapid growth of green building field, more and more experts, owners and operators in this field have realized the benefits of LEED certification. LEED certified buildings have healthier work and living environment, which contributes to higher productivity and improved employee health, comfort and sustainability of the community. The benefits of implementing a LEED strategy also ranges from reducing operating cost to enhancing market competitiveness. LEED assessment is established by the market spontaneously, and is market-driven based on energy and environment. LEED is a bridge crossing the practice and theory. LEED engineering assessment, an asset with high value, is a practical tool for architecture experts. The project needs to be registered online during the early period of construction. To achieve the expected LEED Certification, the applied project need to gain all prerequisites and more points than a certain level of LEED requires. SPEC is a member of USGBC.

Shanghai Pacific Center and its strategic partners, enjoying rich experience in dealing with LEED certification, have the qualification for LEED Certification service. We provide overall guidance for your project to achieve expected LEED Certification.


2.Energy Efficiency Design and Consultation for Buildings

To achieve energy efficiency, optimization and sustainable building design, the interaction of building physics, building and environment is the essential core. Engineers of SPEC have rich experiences dealing with energy efficiency design and provide consultation service for you.

Our services include:

Building  Energy Analysis

Adopting domestic and oversea advanced energy analysis software, such as DOE, ESP-r, EnergyPlus, HDY, etc, we calculate and analysis the annual cooling and heating load in the circumstance of real climate, the impact of interior and exterior shadings, ventilation glazing, air infiltration, thermal comfort, the utilization of renewable resources and load matching.

Building Natural Ventilation Design and CFD Simulation of Interior Airflow

We use internationally advanced CFD software, such as Fluent, Cflo, etc, to simulate and analyze the interior airflow of the building on the purpose of optimizing the indoor natural ventilation, improving the indoor air quality, ameliorating the air distribution of the air-conditioning system, enhancing indoor comfort; forecasting and controlling the indoor pollutant distribution.

Energy Efficiency Design of Envelop

During the design phase, the energy saving performances of different envelope structures are calculated and compared to optimize the envelope design from the aspect of energy efficiency.

Optimization for heating and cooling sources in air-conditioning system

We provide the feasible scheme for reducing energy efficiency from the aspect of air-conditioning heating and cooling sources, system configuration and economic analysis.

3.Renovation for Existing Buildings

Renovation for envelope exterior window and glazing insulation

Ice, water thermal storage and other thermal storage techniques

Renovation of the thermal source by substituting the new energy-saving heat source, such as gas boiler smoke heat recovery, for the coal, fuel, gas, electric boiler.

Self-learning fuzzy energy efficiency control system and other Intelligent Air-conditioning system

Condensing , air-to-air and other Heat Recovery techniques
Water efficiency renovation by using water saving or water free sanitary wares

Introduction of energy efficiency luminaries and lighting control into building to achieve energy efficiency

4.Electro-mechanical Design for Green Building

Green Electrical-mechanical Design

Green HVAC Design

Green Water Supply and Drainage Design

Green Electric Design



5.Information Service, Training and Technology Promotion

Based on SPEC platform together with domestic and oversea strategic companions, we provide information of latest reusable energy resources, energy-saving technologies and products. We also help worldwide energy-oriented products manufacturers and suppliers in making short-term business strategies and long-term plans.

Holding advanced technical training program of energy-saving and clean energy utilization in order to help energy management officials and energy-using facilities to get better understanding and further knowledge of technologies about the use and management of energy resource equipment and training professional energy resource utilization talents.

Organizing green building and sustainable development meetings and seminars to introduce and promote the advanced technologies and equipments at home and abroad.

Hold various exhibitions of new energy, new technique and new products.

Establish technology forum to promote the green building in China.

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